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How to Balance Your Chakras using Crystals

The entire universe is made up of energy, and our bodies are no exception. Every human being has seven major energy centers called chakras that partake in an important role in the harmonious functioning of our body. When our chakras are balanced and purified, we feel energized and imperturbable. Chakras can be misaligned for a variety of reasons, from physical illness to our own emotions. If you suspect that one or more chakras are misaligned, the best way to realign them is to use the power of Crystal Healing. Chakras and crystals are inextricably linked and are a large part of spiritual life.

Gemstones have some of the highest vibrational frequencies on the planet, and simply setting the intention to tune in to the vibrations around the crystal can have a significant impact on your health and well-being. In addition, each crystal has its own energy properties that can be used strategically to improve chakra laziness and curb excessive activity. Usually, crystals/gemstones of the same color associated with a particular chakra are ideal for healing that chakra, but this is not always 100% factual in all cases. You can also intuitively select the crystal. In other words, just skip the investigation altogether and simply choose whichever gemstone that resonates with you. The more you practice being aware of your own intuition and notice how your physical or emotional state changes depending on the energy of the crystal, the more you will be able to intuitively choose the crystal that suits you. Apart from this, when preparing to balance the chakras, it's important for you to relax. So think of everything that is perfect for calming you and assemble your own combination to create the perfect sacred space. Here are some things you might want to consider for your space:

  • Sound: listen to nature sounds or meditational music

  • Smell: burn incenses or essential oils or scented candles

  • Sight: create a crystal energy field or crystal grid on your altar

  • Comfort: clothing should be comfortable and shoes should not be worn

Ideally, place the crystals on or around your body, depending on the chakra you want to balance. Some people may not want to let the crystal touch their body to interrupt meditation. In this case, creating a crystal circle or grid helps to connect to the crystal energy without physical contact. Lay down comfortably, take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Once you're relaxed and your breathing is adjusted, balance your chakras and crystals. The relaxed state cultivated during meditation allows you to adapt to the characteristics of the stone of your choice. Then simply sink into relaxation, visualize your intention for using the stone, letting the stones work to absorb and give you their energies. Pure mind and body can bring more joy and comfort than you think, so make sure you prioritize your health, clear and rejuvenate your chakras as soon as possible.

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