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  • Nirvana

    This eye-catching bracelet features three gorgeous gemtones, Zebra Jasper, Strawberry Quartz, and Clear CrystalQuartz. Zebra Jasper helps you connect to Mother Earth and the endless flow of universal love. It keeps one centered with the earth during higher spiritual works. It is a stone that makes you see and understand your exact nature, hepling you be more aware of what the false impressions.  Zebra Jasper retains the energy of balance. That is, you can integrate masculine and feminine energies. Strawberry Quartz embodies a powerful vibration of love, but does more to benefit your life. The vibrations of these Strawberry Quatz helps balance the connections of the etheric body between the various levels of the aura field and the connections to the body. Through its effect of balancing and energizing both the etheric heart and the higher heart chakras, this can bring a profound flow-on effect to your life.

    • Wrist Size: 7.5"in
    • 18k gold filled spacers
    • Gold plated lava beads
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