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  • Virtue

    This ravishing gold plated earring set features echanting Malachite pendants. Malachite is a fundamental protection stone, it absorbs negative energies and polluntants, guarding against all different sorts of radiation as well electromagnetic pollution. It also heals earth energies too. Malachite consists of female energy that still has the capability to end up masculine in the course of its diverse levels of growth, in conjunction with a vibrating healing frequency of about 275-282 MHz.  Due to Malachite being such a powerful receptive it's important for it to be cleansed on a regular basis, by placing it in the sun or on a clear quartz crystal. This stone prioritizes the mind to see positivity in everything, which is key to keeping a healthy mindset.

    • 14k gold filled earring studs
    • 14k gold plated gemstone pendants
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